​​KSE has partnered with our community of brides to help support and show our appreciation for those braving the frontlines in the healthcare industry - sacrificing their personal health and well being to take care of those in need. Dealing with this pandemic has been difficult for so many of us, and we just can’t thank our healthcare workers enough! Nurses are 60% of our clientele, and we wanted to share a special feature on #bridessavelives. That’s why next week we’ll be featuring brides from around our area and beyond who are out there giving it their all in the name of COVID-19. We would love to feature you! If you or someone you know is a bride in the healthcare industry (whether engaged or newly married), send us a photo of what it’s like behind-the-scenes for you right now! Feel free to provide your name, location, occupation and any comment you would like us to include! We’ll be sharing in our stories beginning Monday, May 4th!
And thank you to ALL frontline workers - regardless of your industry - for making the health and well-being of people your top priority! Your selfless acts DO NOT go unnoticed.
Stay strong!
KSE Team