You've just begun the planning, and you need a professional to guide you through some of those initial tough kicking off points, as well as have someone to check-in with periodically to ensure you're doing everything right. We go over things like:

- I'm not sure where to begin! I want to set my planning up for success, but I need help on where to start.

- I don't know how much things cost, so I have NO idea what to set my budget!

- Weddings are expensive, how do I save the most money with all of this?

- I'm stuck on all these initial decisions to make, how do I get through them?

- I know what I want, but how do I pull it all together?

- How do I know which wedding vendors are right for my style?

​We'll show you how to budget for your wedding so you'll have the best idea for how much your wedding will cost, and then have the ability to plan accordingly.

Show you tips and tricks for SAVING MONEY. *How can you save the most money possible?* 

We'll help match you to the right vendors to create your dream team.

*Knowing which questions to ask your vendors before meeting with them is key!*

We'll help you with your vision for wedding day. Maybe you're not looking to spend over the top on your wedding look, but you still have a vision that you want to be able to carry out. Knowing where to start to pull those details together, where to gather your resources, and how to research for what you need is key in this session!

Beginning stages of planning. In these sessions we cover the following:

Intermediate stages of planning. In these sessions we cover the following:

Final stages of planning. In these sessions we cover the following:

Bridal Coaching = Wedding Planner in your back pocket!

You're ready to put the final touches on all those planning details! You'd like a professional to take a look over everything you've pulled together to make sure you've covered all your bases.

- We'll help you tie-up any loose ends

- We'll help you create the perfect day-of timeline to ensure all vendors are on the same page.

- We'll help you figure out last minute details, and guide you through dealing with day-of issues that could arise.

* We want to set your day up for success! This coaching plan helps pull those final pieces of the puzzle together.

Through the use of guidance, Kimberly coaches you through all those tough decisions and questions that come along with the wedding planning process.

6 Coaching Sessions   -   $75/hr

Unlimited coaching consults for the duration of your planning progress - $850

A La Carte Bridal Coaching Session(s): We can cover any and everything you need/want to discuss! $100/hr

Receive $300/off our Month of Coordination Package when you book a pre-planning coaching session!

You're in deep with the planning, but there are things that have you "stuck", and you want to  be able to continue on with a smooth planning process:

- What's the best possible floorplan/layout for my wedding day?

- Am I covering all my bases, or am I leaving something important out? I don't want to get to wedding day and have things I forgot!

- I want to make sure I get all the planning done early, so I have time to just enjoy the remaining month leading up to the day. Can you help me with that?

- I'm really racking up some bills here! Is there anyway you can take a look at our contracts and help us save a bit more money?

- I want to make sure we're not paying for things we do not need, can you look over all our information and advise us on what we need and do not need?

- We've been planning for a few months, and there are just too many opinions being thrown our way. How do we deal with family and friends wanting to be fully involved?​​

We'll show you how to adjust some of the problems or issues you're running into, as well as put you on a plan of success for the remaining planning process. 

We'll take a look over all your contracts and proposals to bring pertinent information to your attention - things left out, things you may not need, and so forth.

We'll offer advice on how to get the most out of your big day by putting some pretty important things in place to ensure the smoothest flowing day.

Our goal will be to help make sure your ideas and tasks are being carried out properly.

4 Coaching Sessions   -   $85/hr

8 Coaching Sessions   -   $65/hr